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NMC Share Price - NMC Health tug of war continues as firm moves to further refute allegations made against it by Muddy Waters

The UAE-based hospitals operator’s share price received a boost on Monday when the company revealed it would kick off an independent investigation into the allegations But after Monday’s rally, NMC ...

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FTSE 100 ends Christmas Eve half-day with gift of small gains

The recent tug of war over the share price of NMC Health PLC (LON:NMC) continued as the FTSE 100-listed firm moved to further refute allegations made against it by Muddy Waters. The UAE-based ...

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StockBeat: Bayer, NMC Rouse Themselves Above the Holiday Torpor

An even bigger riser was UAE-focused hospital operator NMC Health (LON:NMC), which rose almost 20% after saying it will commission an independent review of its accounting in an effort to clear its ...

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Premarket London: NMC to Launch Independent Audit Review

Please refresh for updates. UAE-focused hospital operator NMC Health (LON:NMC) said it has commissioned an independent review by external auditors to examine the allegations made last week by short ...

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StockBeat: NMC Health's Bluster Fails to Convince -- Wednesday's bounce in NMC Health (LON:NMC) looks to have been of the 'dead cat' variety. Shares in the UAE-focused FTSE 100 member fell 9.6% in early trading in London on Thursday, ...

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