Determine risk and lot size for Forex positions

Forex position size calculator




This is LiveCharts Forex Position Size Calculator; It’s a calculator that can keep you in control of your risk and helps you adapt to evolving trading plans. Using our calculator, input your account size with the percentage of it that you are prepared to lose on a trade (risk per trade) and distance from stop loss at which point (in pips / points), so we can help you find the correct amount of lots based on your own risk. This is essential when you are looking to maintain a steady trading pattern, whether you are a newbie or experienced trader.

In Forex trading, the concept of proper position sizing is important. By using a sound trade sizing methodology based on the size of each position versus your account balance and what you are willing to risk, it will help protect against larger draw downs in capital. This disciplined practice assists a trader in maintaining sustainability.

Position sizing along with a sound risk management strategy; help provide the long-term success Forex traders are looking to achieve, otherwise they have a high chance of being thrown off course by swings in the market. You can also using our compounding calculator to get an idea of how much you should expect to gain if you follow a rigid and sound money management strategy.